Beirne and Wirthlin regularly handles the following matters involving injuries in the workplace:

  • Claims investigation
  • Injury claims
  • Occupational Disease claims
  • Death claims
  • Temporary total disability benefits
  • Return to work strategies
  • Medical/treatment issues
  • Permanent total disability applications
  • VSSR applications
  • Attendance at all levels of Industrial Commission of Ohio administrative hearings
  • Court appeals
  • Allegations of intentional torts
  • Collaboration with TPAs and MCOs

A potentially disastrous event to any business, large or small, can be the unfortunate workers’ compensation claim. We will make sure that your company understands the workers’ compensation system and is in compliance with the laws of the State of Ohio. If your company is not in compliance with state laws governing workers’ compensation coverage we will assist you in correcting that situation before it can become a major financial problem.

If you do not have a working relationship with a third party administrator (TPA) and a Managed Care Organization (MCO), we will assist you in selecting appropriate organizations to meet your company’s needs.

In addition to a standard workers’ compensation claim, an injured worker can pursue other claims against his employer such as a VSSR, intentional tort and/or retaliatory discharge from employment. These claims can be very costly, even if the employer has workers’ compensation coverage. See the FAQ section for further information regarding these issues that frequently accompany workers’ compensation claims.